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Anahata Yoga: Yoga, meditation, and teacher training in Encinitas Ca (California), North County San Diego
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Anahata Yoga Studio         960 Second St, 2nd Flr         Encinitas CA   92024

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“When all the knots of the heart are broken, then the mortal becomes immortal.”
(Katha Upanishad 6.15)

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 Welcome to Anahata Yoga in beautiful Encinitas, California!

It’s my great joy and privilege to share this style of yoga that I felt inspired to develop in 2001.  It’s a heart centered practice that has corrected my bad posture and healed my back of unceasing pain and made my body healthier and my whole being more balanced. It became my blessed dharma, passion, and commitment to extend its benefits to all.  

Blessings, Ana Costa


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Yoga Catered to Your Needs

New to yoga, have injuries, or have been unsuccessful in other styles? Let our compassionate, supportive, knowledgeable teachers show you ways to modify the postures to ensure your practice is safe, injury-free, and fun!



  Benefits of Anahata Yoga

No matter what your level is, after a single class you will feel:

    ♥   Recharged and nurtured
    ♥   Stronger, healthier, and more flexible
    ♥   Focused, calm, and have clarity of mind
    ♥   Open and serene
    ♥   Your heart center expand with more love and joy
    ♥   More connected to your soul 

Anahata Yoga Teacher Training - Celebrating our 13th Anniversary graduating Teachers all over the world!

♥  200 hour certification program - registered with Yoga Alliance.  
♥  Next session begins March 7th, 2015.
♥  Sign up now, receive the materials and get started! Learn more


♥ Make Yoga your life style and change your life for the better.

♥ Feel the joy of helping others be healthier and happier.

♥ Live more in your heart and from your heart and experience more universal love.

♥ Learn priceless tools that will help you feel more balanced, peaceful and happy.

What are students saying:

♥  ”Ana’s practical approach and commitment to making all her students competent teachers reassures me that upon completion, I will be prepared to guide others to a place of well-being through yoga.” Heather M.

♥  ”The Anahata teacher training has changed my life...On a quest to ‘find’ Yoga teacher training, I was guided to Ana’s studio (her website and story inspired me) and was greeted with a warm hug and compassionate smile. I could feel the wonderful energy all around.  There were no questions this was the program for me. 
Ana and her team of mentors truly set the example and lovingly desired to see all of the students succeed... “  Kelly B.

♥  ”Thank you for a wonderful experience. The month of intensive classes was great, and the materials that you provide are fantastic!
I’ve learned the foundation of all the poses and feel that I am now prepared to teach students at any level and help them through a safe, nurturing, yet challenging practice.”  Marci K.


♥  ”The manual was great, full of lots of great information. I love that there are pictures of all the poses and detailed instructions for each. I appreciate how we are invited to adjust in classes, as this provides an excellent opportunity to practice. The instructors are all really helpful and supportive.”  Melanie N.


♥ “I have been practicing yoga for ten years; throughout the years I searched and searched for a yoga style that placed its highest emphasis on spiritual growth and transformation through asana. I came across great teachers, and fun classes, but I never found the spirituality through yoga I was trying to find. And then, to my utter delight,  I met Ana Costa and took her gentle flow class; Anahata Yoga has enabled me to quiet my mind,  heal my body, and open my heart, again and again. My practice has deepened even further through the course of Anahata’s teacher training; I have so much gratitude for Ana and Anahata Yoga.” Lindsey Smith


♥ “The Teacher Training program at Anahata Yoga has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. From living in almost a constant state of fear, I have been guided back to love... the studio is a place that I can let go and find myself at home again.” Daniela LaSalle




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Anahata Teacher Training
200 Hour Certification Program - Celebrating our 13th Anniversary!


 Immediate Teaching Opportunities for Certified Graduates!!


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March 1st and receive: 

30 Free Classes

and 4 Mentoring 



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You will learn to teach students of all levels and help them with safe hands-on adjustments to guide them deeper into the postures



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